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Impact of NPWG / CPN in the society

The campaign initiated under the banner of NPWG and CPN has laid special impact in the community level. The impacts are listed below:

    • CPN has been formed by involving representatives from local community. It has been developed as an intensive structure to fight for people's rights focusing the needs of the children, women and indigent community. It has initiated debate in favour of human rights and democracy.
    • Individuals involved in the CPN have been committed to the promotion of people's right for sustainable livelihood and social and political participation.
    • CPN has assumed a form of common platform for the people at the local level. Community people have got opportunity to understand the political and social issues such as development, state policies, human rights, poverty, local problems through regular discussions.
    • CPN has been active to ensure access to justice for the people at the local level. It has launched organized voice against hidden issues of domestic violence and sexual exploitation. It has facilitated access to justice for the deprived people.
    • CPN has succeeded to enroll children of 40 Musahar families in Sijuya VDC in Morang district.
    • CPN is active in the economic activities. It has established Shree Bishwanath Savings and Credit Cooperatives at Sijuwa VDC, Morang in 2005. It has made transaction of Rs. 2 million within a short period of 3 years.
    • It has worked to create political awareness in the backward communities. It has motivated people to be active giving up the habit of wasting time. It has made the unemployed to use their time for meaningful purpose.
    • Mutual trust, cooperation and tolerance have been increased in the society after commencement of the CPN.
    • CPN has also created a wave to increase social and political participation of the people for their sustainable livelihood.
    • It has also started to address the issues of the common people like irrigation, transport, education and economic problems at the local level in Rupandehi district.
    • Social and political awareness of the people has increased significantly in the localities of Banke district where CPN has commenced work. CPN has contributed to create awareness for ban on gambling and drinking alcohol.
    • CPN efforts have compelled the local authority to provide electricity in the local areas. CPN is popular in the local level as it has accommodated representatives from all sectors of the community.
    • CPN has created awareness in the local level to convince the people that need to be united to get their rightful benefits from the State and that people's united efforts can make a difference in the society. CPN has initiated discussions at the people's level on the issues of sustainable livelihood, social and political participation and inclusive democracy.
    • Many organizations have postponed or withdrawn their programmes at the local level due to difficult situation but the CPN is successful to continue its activities in the conflict affected areas as it is more concerned to the problems of the people.
    • The conclusions of the CPN meetings have hinted that the local problems should be solved through people's efforts at the local level.





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