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Opportunities and challenges in implementation of NPWG and CPN

At present, Nepal is engaged in institutionalizing achievements of the people's movement of April 2006. Democratic process is in a transitional phase. The nation is heading towards formulation of a new constitution to address aspirations of the people in a truly democratic manner. This is an opportunity to incorporate the fundamental entitlements of the people as non-derogative. We have to strengthen democratic values, protect and promote human rights and rule of law. We have to eradicate serious violation of human rights, gross violation of humanitarian law and impunity from the face of Nepal. We have to make the government, the law enforcing agencies, political parties and other stakeholders accountable towards people's rights.

The people's forums such as NPWG and CPN have more important responsibilities at this time as they advocate in favour of political dynamism, people's right to life, justice, rule of law and inclusive democracy. These are effective means to organize and motivate people at the community level. People from all levels and sectors have expressed their interest and extended positive cooperation to the campaign of the CPN. This networking is massive, intensive, wide and flexible in nature. Therefore, it is capable to accommodate stakeholders from all walks of life and address the voice of the children, women and needy people. In this sense it has provided an opportunity to those whose voice is unheard and whose needs are neglected.

However, financial resource is always a challenge to run such an initiative with its base at the community level. We do not have sustainable funding and adequate infrastructure to further expand its sphere of activities and coverage. We always welcome a sustainable support to strengthen its Secretariat, expand branch offices and run activities. Interested donor agencies and individuals may kindly contact the Secretariat to extend any cooperation, in cash and / or in kind.






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