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        Achievements / outcome through the Networking of NPWG and CPN: Despite limited resources, means and time available with us, we have been successful to make remarkable achievements through this networking. Outcomes of the campaign can be summed up at three levels.

      1. Institutional level: Intensive networking has been initiated under the banner of NPWG and CPN. It has reached to the organizations and individuals in 35 districts. This is a significant achievement at the institutional level. Establishment of a networking for a nationwide campaign is in itself an achievement.
      2. Programme level: Under this campaign, we have developed training and resource materials within a short period. Issues and intervention strategies have been identified for launching new programmes.
      3. Problem level: This campaign has reached at a point for formal and strategic intervention on the identified problems. The situation of pro-poor governance has been found as the major problem. There are several other burning issues that require effective and immediate intervention. We have felt that we need to make systematic intervention at the problem level by expanding and strengthening our networking.


Learning and experiences of CPN members

Learning and experiences of the CPN members were almost similar in all the three districts Morang, Rupandehi and Banke. These can be listed as follows:

  1. Social transformation can be introduced through the strength of unity and awareness and an organized movement is necessary for this. Political empowerment is necessary for social transformation.
  2. The networking has provided opportunity to learn about State policies, human rights, political participation and local resources with special focus on the provisions of the national policies and international human rights laws that enable people to claim their rights.
  3. The campaign initiated at the people's level can only bring transformation at the local level.
  4. People can arrange their social and political workplan only after full utilization of their right to self determination.
  5. Political process of the State should be based on the popular will and the people should themselves be active from their level to attain this.
  6. People should determine the ruling system for them from their own level.





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