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National Protection Working Group (NPWG) and Community Protection Network (CPN) are banners of nationwide networking. This is a networking formed under the banner of NPWG. Though it looks like a small organization in the first glance, it is not a structure of small scale. This is a campaign oriented group of organizations and individuals having common interest. This aims to make issue-based intervention in the national issues from local to national level. This networking is in itself a commencement of a broader campaign.

NPWG has its networking in three different stages – CPN at the local level, District Level Protection Working Group (DPWG) at the district level and NPWG at the central level. This can be illustrated in the following chart:

          » Community Protection Networking (CPN)

          » District Level Protection Working Group (DLPWG)

          » National Protection Working Group (NPWG)

          Representatives from human rights organizations, academic institutions, development agencies, NGOs, CBOs, dalit organizations, women, ethnic community, vulnerable and marginalized community, line agency, Bar Association, lawyers, journalists, professional organizations, trade unions, labour organizations, development experts etc. are involved in the networking of NPWG.

          So far, this networking has covered more than 35 districts of Nepal. Any national or international organization or individual can involve in this network. Interested individuals can fill up the form given in this website and send by E-mail, fax or post. Please click Registration Form for involvement in the NPWG to be part of the networking.





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